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Health Tip of the Week: What's this about 5G?

A lot of news headlines were made the past few weeks concerning the cellular 5G wireless rollout for all of our high tech needs. The news reported on the concerns the airlines have with airports being close to the 5G cellular towers and possible disruption of the airplanes landing capabilities.

The cellular industry held back the USA 5G debut after a court ruled the FCC did not conduct reasoned decision-making regarding the risks of wireless harm and safety. The news primarily focused on airplane safety.

What was not reported is that there are other concerns with 5G service, concerns that effect health. Here are the differences between the wireless cellular technology that gives are phone ability to do what they do.

1G technology was for phone calls, 2G for calls and texts, 3G for calls, texts and some data, 4G for calls, texts and a lot of data. 5G according to experts is a concept, not just a technology. “It’s a concept of infrastructure that’s supposed to allow the internet of things, driverless cars and anything and everything else moving forward.

We’re going to interconnect tens of billions of devices. Everything in our house and our environment is going to communicate and intercommunicate... your laptop will talk to your refrigerator, your laundry machine to your tea kettle.  Even the most mundane objects will be connected to the internet, even diapers — a small sensor and antenna sends an alert to the mother’s smartphone every time a baby poops.” - Dafna Tachover. All of these devices will be interconnected and to do that there has to be a much more intense infrastructure of antennas. And that is the 5G network. Sounds amazing right? 

The health issues, which are not being reported on, is what can stick a pin in the balloon of 5G excitement. There are many studies documenting clear evidence of how wireless technology damages DNA, damages sperm and contributes to ADHD, Autism and cancer.

One study shows definite evidence that there is a 50% reduction in the quality of sperm in males who are exposed to wireless cell phone technology.

Women are warned to not use cell phone holder bras as the wireless technology was creating breast tumors.

The advancement of our Hi-Tech society could possibly lead to its downfall due its effect on human reproduction. Less children. Or even birth defects from mutated sperm cells.

Sadly, the 5G network will not be confined to our airwaves, as the wireless industry plans to place 5G network stations in the seas and all over the ocean bottom. They won’t be able to use the airwaves to transmit signals, but will use sonar instead which will put the lives of whales, dolphins and other sensitive sea animals at risk.

Let me end this article, by sharing with you the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) measurement that comes from a home that is completely hard wired with ethernet cables and does not use a wireless modem. The EMF meter typically measures less than 1 microwatt per square meter. Hardwiring with ethernet cables is the safest way to go.

If the EMF meter is paced next to an iPhone, it peaks at 1 million microwatts per square meter.

Sadly, the health and wellness industry does not have the political clout of the aviation industry (which managed to stop the recent 5G rollout), because the possible negative health effects and damages to the human body and our natural environment from WiFi could be much worse than the interference of aviation altimeters.

Chiropractic Care for Non-Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

Independent studies are showing the correlation between the spine and general health. The latest study found that 21-25% of patients who went to the chiropractor for a musculo-skeletal issue (back or neck pain) had improvements in other areas of their health.

27% reported improvements in breathing, 26% digestion, 14% in heart and circulation and 14% with eye and vision.

The rational for these improvements is due to spinal neurology. The nervous system controls all systems and organ function in the body. Spinal misalignment can cause blockages in neural impulse flow to the systems and organs in the body.

The chiropractor, through the chiropractic spinal adjustment, opens up the passageway for the nerves, increasing neural impulse flow throughout the body. Thus, the positive changes in health with chiropractic care. The low back pain and neck pain that brought you to the chiropractor, is allowing the chiropractor to make improvements in how the body functions.


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