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Health Tip of the Week: Things to Remember

Emerging research is showing a link between Vitamin D deficiency and autism. It seems that vitamin D increases serotonin, an important hormone associated with many activities and functions in the brain. Researchers see the need to make sure that pregnant women and children are taking adequate levels of vitamin D3. With this information, Vitamin D3 continues its role as the super vitamin with responsibilities in immune system health, bone strength and cancer prevention.

Remember, vitamin D3 is known as the Flu Shot vitamin because of its immune system enhancing capabilities (and in researchers opinions is more effective than the actual flu shot). Proper dosage is 35 units per pound of bodyweight. This means the average person should be taking thousands of units per day in the fall and winter months or even in the summer if you do not get out in the sun.

Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs are dangerous. 15 years of use are linked in the death of the Eagles singer, front man Glenn Frey. These drugs include prednisone, TNF-alpha inhibitors (sold under brand names such as Humira, Enbrel, and Remicade. Side effects of these drugs include infection and an increased risk for cancer.

In addition, regular use of over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (like Tylenol, Advil) can cause life-threatening liver and or kidney disease. Research shows that sugar and processed carbohydrate consumption increases inflammation in the body which can contribute to the symptoms of RA and other inflammatory diseases. A change in diet is usually very helpful.

The Vaccine Controversy continues. Not every child has a negative reaction to vaccination shots. But for some children, a vaccine can cause a serious reaction and even lead to death. The risks for vaccines are increased for some people because of biological and environmental differences and one-size-fits-all vaccination policies lacking flexible medical and personal belief exemptions are dangerous to the children at risk for reactions. That being said, instead of the medical fear approach used on people to have their children vaccinated - there needs to be an open, rational discussion about vaccination, infectious diseases and health.

Chiropractors are considered to be the foremost experts on the structure of the body and how the body performs and functions in related to movement. Chiropractors are on every sports team in the United States (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA). In addition, the largest ballet and dance companies in the world use chiropractors. It’s all about performance and motion for these highly paid performers. Chiropractors keep their bodies moving so they can be at their very best and earn their keep. Even the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) uses chiropractors.


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