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Health Tip of the Week: Exercise

Exercise is widely considered to be the answer for weight loss, heart disease and diabetes prevention as well as overall health.

When the topic of cancer comes up, exercise is not usually mentioned as a treatment or preventative tool.  According to recent research, exercise can help lower your risk of cancer; help cancer patients recuperate at a faster rate and diminish your risk of cancer recurrence.

Exercise can also help lower your risk of dementia.  If you are a man in your middle age, exercising on a regular basis was shown to cut your risk of lung cancer by 55 percent and bowel cancer by 44 percent. Exercise also reduced the risk of dying from lung, bowel, and prostate cancer by nearly one-third.

As we age, health concerns start to include the health of our brain.  Diseases like Alzheimer’s and senile dementia are extremely prevalent in our society.

In seniors who are at high risk of dementia, studies have shown that cognitive decline can be reduced with a comprehensive program addressing diet, exercise, brain training, and managing metabolic and vascular risk factors.

Thought for the Week

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. ~ Plato

Chiropractic Thought for the Week

Although chiropractic care is not normally associated with allergy relief or chronic sinus trouble, it offers a profound and medically sound method for improving well-being and fending against common, everyday afflictions.

This is achieved through the release of stress on the nervous system, which then permits the immune system to function more effectively — a requirement for all allergy sufferers.

In fact, recent research has demonstrated a distinct relationship between the two that entails the nervous system 'tipping off' white blood cells about the presence of all forms of bodily invaders.

Chiropractic performs this task by correcting body malfunctions produced by vertebral subluxations, a common spinal distortion that puts stress on the nervous system. Freed of nervous system stress, the body can then work more effectively to neutralize allergy-causing chemicals, build healthy immune systems and energize malfunctioning defense mechanisms.

Explanation on my why I think people of child bearing years should give serious thought before getting the Covid-19 vaccination

As I have mentioned, the Covid-19 vaccination is not really a vaccination per say, as it does not conform to any protocols concerning the science and manufacturing of vaccines.

Covid-19 inoculations are a molecular gene therapy that uses messenger RNA to direct the body to create antibodies to the Covid-19 virus.

My concern is that this can have an effect on genetics in your body and then the changes are passed onto your offspring.  A 2006 study shows that sperms cells can take up foreign messenger RNA and convert it into DNA and release it as plasmids in the cell space around the fertilized egg. The embryo then takes the plasmids and clones them into daughter or duplicate cells throughout its life and even passing them on to future generations.

The controversy over this topic stems from the drug manufacturer scientists adamantly stating that this cannot happen, while scientists and researchers not connected with these companies point to research that says it can happen and does happen.

My concern is that the answer to this question will not show up today or tomorrow and we will not know the answer for years.  This type of information usually comes to light after years of vaccine testing, which did not happen with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Prenatal Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Information

As a pregnancy, prenatal care chiropractor, I receive lots of questions about sleeping positions.  The obvious warning, is that sleeping on the stomach is no longer the proper thing to do while pregnant.  Sleeping on the sides or the back is the preferred position.  Coincidently, this is the same advise I give non-pregnant people.

The one thing you need to know is that when sleeping on your back during pregnancy, the prenatal position is not flat on your back.  Your bed or mattress should be on a 20- to 30-degree angle.  This angle will relieve any potential pressure on your inferior vena cava, which is a major artery that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body to the heart.  Too much vena cave pressure during pregnancy can lead to decreased kidney function and possible placental separation.


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